Saturday, 16 June 2012

SS12 Thoughts

I have been a little bit underwhelmed by the SS12 collections, saying that I have picked up a few great pieces and they will be in my collection for years.

Nigel Cabourn Tenzing Jacket & Bombay Bloomers
Belstaff summer jacket & Edwin jeans

Plus some great tee shirts and tops from the likes of YMC, Folk, Woolrich & Nigel Cabourn.

I wish that I had picked up a Stone Island Ice Jacket.

For the first time in years I lost a piece of clothing - my Cabourn Admiralty Jumper - I am still very upset by this but it did teach me a good lesson.

Never go out drinking with journalist again ... I am just too old for that sort of thing these days.

The gap in my wardrobe and from current designers is the future ... I always like an influence from the past, present and future.  I probably need to go out and find a couple of new inspiring designers to add a bit more life for AW12/13.

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