Friday, 19 October 2012

AW12/13 Wardrobe Purchases

I have been giving a lot of thought to my pieces for this AW, like most people I am cutting back on the clothes budget but I still want to add to my wardrobe.

I am addicted to jackets and there is nothing I can do about this, so I have already picked up a couple of Nigel Cabourn jackets from BasilicaDuo - a crazy Mallory and oilcloth aircraft jacket.

I need a new tote bag and I am thinking about a blue Woolrich Woolen Mills one, this way I can switch between green and blue depending on my mood.

Now I need a few pairs of boots this winter and I am probably going to get a pair of Loake Dovedale boots and a pair of Tretorn high tops (my last pair were destroyed at the Stone Roses gig in Manchester).

I am only getting one jumper a Cabourn 4 way roll neck in cream, I lost my last one.

Shirting is a bit more difficult as I really do need to get a few more shirts but I tend to struggle finding ones that I like. I normally get excited about unusual cuts, pockets, use of fabric and this restricts my choice, but I have my eye on a few Woolrich and Cabourn pieces.

Finally those other bits that I need to get and will pick up along the way.  Well I do need to invest in some waistcoats and I am watching a few by ACNE, Cabourn and RAF Simons.  I will probably pick up a new hat and my gut is telling me a Woolrich one to cover the ears and I could do with a new navy scarf that will probably be Cabourn.

I have just spotted the Stone Island ipad covers and I have a feeling ones of these will drop into my Christmas box.

Finally the wildcard jacket ... as I am addicted and I have a feeling that a Woolrich parka might find it's way into my collection. 
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