Thursday, 3 January 2013

Casual Sex by Ged Forrest

(Snort) Ahh, there’s nothing like a line o’ cack and a suck off in a club toilet to take the edge off your Saturday night, know what I mean. ‘Scuse me a minute, slow down luv it’s not an horse race. Ahhh blisto, she’s a good girl Cathy always nice ‘aving a regulator on the firm. Well it’s a pretty average sort of Saturday so far, drew 1 all at home, not a bad result but we should be doin’ better than that. They only brought about 20 lads down and they had a Police escort, man they’re a fucking Mickey Mouse firm. We’re up there in 3 weeks and we’ll be firm handed, all top boys, we’ll fucking ta…. ‘ang about I know that voice that’s that fucking body builder works the doors on the other side of ‘castle. Fucking muscle bound freak, ‘e was in Yates’ last week picking on one of our young lads ‘cos ‘e thought ‘e was on ‘is own. Wanker we’re never on our own, we’re a family, we take care of our own. Pick on mine and you pick on me, ‘im ‘es just a fucking bully. It’s like this nature film I saw once, about a Wolfpack. The Wolfpack’s like a family see, like our firm. And the Wolves 'ave it wi’ the Coyotes. The Coyotes are scavengers see, like ‘im out there. And if the Coyotes cornered a Wolf, the Wolf would stand its ground and front ‘em, and the Coyotes would leave it ‘cos they’ve got no fucking bottle, just like ‘im out there. But the Coyote has to keep looking over his shoulder or else its game over, just like ‘im out there. Loyalty see, that’s what it’s all about, standing together, looking out for each other. That’s what all the politicians and coppers and journalists, and Mr. And Mrs. Fucking average ‘ll never understand, the closest they ever get to loyalty is cashing their bonus points in at Sainsbury’s on a Sat’dy afternoon. And ‘im out there ‘e’s ‘aving a dig and if ‘is fucking mates want some they can ‘ave it ‘nall , ah, ahh, ahhh. ‘Ast ever noticed ‘ow difficult it is to think about fighting and violence when you’ve got some lovely looking birds lips ‘round yer cock. Just think if that Monica bird ‘ad stayed in the Whitehouse Clinton probably wouldn’t ‘ve bombed the shit out of Iraq. Mind you ‘e deserved it hairy lipped cunt. Ohhh, I’ll see you back in the bar I’m missing the best bit here.

All rights reserved © Ged Forrest Oct 01

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