Monday, 22 June 2015

Not Feeling It

It has been a while since I put together a blog post for Terrace Gent and to be honest it is because I have not really been feeling it.

For some reason some of the recent collections have not really been rocking my boat - some of this is personal but also it is a bit of a comment on some of the collections.

The personal perspective is quite normal for me with a period of re-invention - this is looking at who I am, what I have been wearing and how I want to feel?

I have given away some of my clothes to my partners lad - bits of CP & Stone Island casual item that I don't feel comfortable in these days.

My storage unit has also built up a few boxes with items that I am just not comfortable in from a work perspective - it is probably fair to say that I am toning down my business look.

From the past I am going to be bringing back some of the more utilitarian brands like Uniqulo, mixed in with vintage pieces and some of my favourite designers like Nigel Cabourn, Comme des Garcons & Stone Island jackets.

I am also really not getting into the trainer thing - I have collected some Reebok x Garbstore and adidas Originals also the way but my true love is shoes.  So I have invested in some Clarks Originals and Birkenstocks to get me through the summer months - these are new brands for me personally.

Periods like this are always good for anyone interested in clothes and I would always advise people to do this - not driven by what you see in the shops but by your own personal sense of dressing.

So I am going to start posting again on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy my new selections.

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