Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Proper Barber

Barber's don't always hold good memories for me - painful experiences as a child with some shocking results.

My nickname was Punk Baby!

Over the years I have worked with loads of people and had a mixture of good and bad results - for the last few years I have not been consistently happy.

So I had been looking for a new place for quite some time and had some shocking experiences along the way.

I have finally found a place I am happy with - HQ Barbershop in Longton and I have been going for coming up to a year.

I have been keeping things clean and in place using a mixture of Layrite pomade, Fudge cool mint shampoo and TIGI peppermint conditioner. 

The combination of a good Barber and product does make life a lot easier - low maintenance and a look that I am comfortable with. 

So I can personally recommend Nathan and the lads at HQ's ... and this is not something I normally do on this blog! 

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