Friday, 8 July 2016

It Has Been A Rather Long Time ...

I can't really say why I stopped blogging - personal stuff, nothing to say, life stuff getting in the way and probably a whole host of other reasons.

It is probably fair to say that I have been ready on many occasions to finally put Terrace Gent to bed.

However, I have decided to start doing a weekly blog again - talking about clothes, culture and any other things that I am currently finding interesting.

So today I am starting with a few of my favorite things I have been wearing over the last year :-)

NikeLab Roshe Daybreak x Fragment Design

It is probably fair to say that I was not really aware of Hiroshi Fujiwara's influence on modern design until relatively recently when I read a book about his life and creative output.  Not all of it is my bag but I have really fallen in love with these trainers. 

RAINS Jackets 

Everyone who knows me understands that I have a deep love of outerwear - if is probably an obsession.  My love for the RAINS jackets is one that comes down to practicality as I travel around a lot and need something that looks good, is light & easy to wear - affordable and really worth investing in. 


I love UNIQLO for many reasons - great design, fabrics, the price, the service and doing Ivy better than the Americans.  I really love UNIQLO jeans and the skinny stretch selvedge are made of the most beautiful denim.  

Timex Originals Camper 

Watches have been an obsession my whole life but about five years ago I started to move away from price/value as a judgement.  Since then I have invested in all sorts of timepieces but the Timex Camper is my favorite at the moment - great design, easy to wear and very reliable. 

Fjallraven Kanken 

Such a simple piece of design and at the same time wonderful rucksack that is a pleasure to walk around with.  I believe it was designed to help school kids avoid back problems - for me travelling around this is the ultimate partner in crime. 

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