Friday, 29 July 2016

When It Is All About Polo Ponies, Crocodiles and Laurel Wreaths

I have got to admit I can have mixed feeling towards Polo shirts - they can go from being funky, bright and interesting to representing everything I hate about boring menswear.

When it comes to buying them there are three classics you can't shy away from.

The Ralph Lauren Polo 

Ralph Lauren is a man who consistently get's the Ivy look spot on and his Polo's are some of the best and this custom fit dark indigo one from Oi Polloi is lovely.

The Original Lacoste

The Lacoste polo is the original and still one of the best and this big fit takes you back to a more classic look over the slim fitting focus we have seen in recent years.

Fred Perry Collaborations

I do love the Fred Perry collaborations and the current one with Nigel Cabourn is outstanding, I am actually wearing one at the moment.

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